A Puppy Pal Tale

October 4th, 2019

Busy Busy Busy....

I wish I could say my developing journey was me studying for 12 hours a day and becoming that phenomenon that becomes a developer in 6 months. However, my journey is a bit more.... realistic. I don’t have an engineering degree, a mathematics degree, or a degree at all... so I’m not an ideal candidate on paper. That’s alright though, I know in due time I’ll find myself doing what I love to do!

So it begins,

Motivation, that’s a tough thing for anyone. We all get lost in trying to find motivation at the things we are most passionate about, we tend to get lost in the journey around us and make excuses as to why we haven’t truly pursued what we tried to set out to do when your a kid. My wife had just achieved her LPN and was set to go back to school for her R.N, and little did we know it at that time would enroll into EMS school as well. My daughter was just 2 at the time and we were always running full speed ahead.


... to be continued!

Update - 10-9

Lunch Time!

For the last year and change, my lunches have been spent in my car reviewing all the Programming Languages / Frameworks that I know, working on my projects and just reading about all the tech stacks that I've been focused on. I've achieved 3 of 6 certificates from freeCodeCamp and I give them a huge amount of respect for putting together such a great curriculum to help people get into developing and learn about it!

freeCodeCamp Profile

I wouldn't be where I'm at without the huge start I had from that program! Unfortunately I had to update some stuff on my portfolio and setup some other life things so this will be continued!

Thanks for checking in,

Allan Wakefield-Olson

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